We pride ourselves on both the freshness and quality of each cake that leaves our kitchen. In our signature range, there is a cake design to be found for every occasion with a wide range of flavours to suit every sweet tooth.

About us

We are an online based company serving unique high end handcrafted cakes available in Surrey.

Our team at FrouFrou is made up of two chefs, Ksenia Rayt, who is a specialist pastry chef and Thor Lawson, who became a chef after previously gaining a degree in Food Science and Nutrition. We both attended Tante Marie Culinary Academy, where we received our Cordon Bleu Diplomas. Subsequent to training we have both worked in several different high-end restaurants in London before more recently changing direction.

 Both of us have studied and worked under notable pastry chefs Alexander Kislitsyn, Hans Ovando and Jordi Bordas, as well as completed numerous courses by other chefs in the industry around the world. 

We like to think we make a great team as our individual personal qualities complement each other, and this reflects in the work we do, making each cake a unique experience in both taste and image. As a couple, we have found that we can be more honest and critical of one another, which we think adds an element of perfectionism to our work.

Our food

At Froufrou, we produce cakes made with passion and creativity, which you can taste in every mouthful.

As a team, we strive to make cakes that would match your highest expectations.

We bake fresh every day, using only the best quality ingredients, including class A free-range eggs, premium British flour and organic products wherever possible. The majority of our decoration is made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate. The cakes we offer are covered in either a ganache or buttercream.

We take delight in inventing exciting, creative and artistic cakes that are impressive in both flavour and aesthetics. All of our creations are truly unique, and we regularly update our range as new ideas come to light. The aim is to expand our range of signature cakes in the near future. That reflect the latest cooking techniques, popular culture and trends in modern art.

As a team, we want to create out of this world experiences for the senses, perfectly tailored to your special occasion.

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