Sugar and its applications

My partner and I started an online patisserie not that long ago and as many of you know blogging is a very useful tool for marketing. At first the idea of starting one myself didn’t sit well in my head because it seemed like an awfully materialistic and boring thing to do.  Soon though I realised that it is a perfect opportunity to share my opinions with an actual chance of someone being interested! So I decided to give it a go.

Generally there are 3 types of food blogs

  1. We found all the best restaurants and food spots so you don’t have to.
  2. Love, eat, travel (be jealous)
  3. How and what to cook if you are A. On a diet B. Vegetarian/ vegan /gluten free C. Never seen a frying pan before but still applied to be a contestant on “Come dine with me”

What I am going to wright about? Well, mostly about pastry, sugar and 3rd degree burns if you decided to dip you finger in caramel (seriously never ever do it) but otherwise I am not sure just yet. I guess about things I find fascinating. Also I’ll try to include loads of professional tips and explain the science behind the perfect meringue (in case counting sheep doesn’t help).

Don’t worry I am finishing my happy blabbering with a promise of some very useful tips and a recipe for next time. (Please read me again)

Ksenia Rayt 

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