Mousse Cakes

Mousse cakes are typically made with whipped egg whites, whipped cream, or both, and flavoured with one or more of chocolate, coffee, caramel, various herbs, spices or fruit. Then layered with jellies, sponges and textured layers giving a very balanced dessert for any occasion.  All of our mousse cakes are set with gelatin making them unsuitable for vegetarians. Our mousse cakes are delivered to all London and Surrey postcodes.  

Strawberry Cheesecake

Cream cheese mousse layered with a sour strawberry jelly, strawberry cremeux, light vanilla sponge and and a white chocolate crispy base.

210mm x 55mm

serves 12-14 people


Peach Melba

Creamy vanilla mousse layered with two jelly layers raspberry and peach, vanilla cremeux, white chocolate brownie and a white chocolate crispy base. 

210mm x 55mm

serves 12-14 people


Chocolate Orange

Creamy dark chocolate mousse layered with a fresh orange jelly, orange cremeux, chocolate brownie and a dark chocolate crispy base.

172mm x172mmx55mm

serves 9 large portions


Peanut butter, Banana and Caramel

Caramel and banana mousse layered with a banana confit, banana cake, peanut butter and a peanut crunchy base.

200mm x 55mm

serves 8-10 people


Strawberry, Basil and Pistachio

Pistachio mousse layered with a strawberry and basil jelly, cream cheese mousse, pistachio crunchy, pistachio financier and pistachio sable tart.

220mm x 90mm

serves 12-14 people


Lemon Posset

Lemon posset mousse layered with a sour raspberry jelly, light lemon sponge and a white chocolate crispy base.

210mm x 55mm

serves 8-10 people


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